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          Welcome to HCP


          A world-class leader in the design, development and manufacture of primary packaging containers for the colour cosmetics, skincare, fragrance and toiletry industries. With ten manufacturing locations in Asia, North America and Europe, HCP offer a cutting-edge global manufacturing synergy for international brands.

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          With an enviable reputation for innovation, creative technology and state of the art manufacturing, HCP are professionally supported and represented by regional and local offices, providing customers with direct and immediate access, feedback and solutions from ten factories worldwide. HCP deliver quality, agile service and operational excellence.

          HCP’s extensive portfolio includes compacts, palettes and kits, lipstick, mascara (moulded & fibre brushes), eyeliner, lip gloss, brow packaging, pots & jars, tottles, bottles and other closures.

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          Join the skincare revolution...

          HCP’s portfolio for the skincare sector is strengthened by an exclusive partnership with Pum-Tech Korea; specialists in cutting-edge dispensing technology and airless packaging that offers an unparalleled user-experience. Blending beauty with function, packaging includes airless jars, bottles, compacts, pouches and tubes; dial and twist-up skin/suncare sticks; droppers; tubes and airtight compacts.

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          A beautiful future

          The HCP-Eco team are dedicated to pro-actively supporting beauty brands taking a holistic approach to their ‘Clean Beauty’ ethos, by extending their sustainable credentials through to their choice of primary packaging. As the green movement in the cosmetics and skincare industry evolves and gains pace, the development and manufacture of eco-friendly packaging and materials with a minimised environmental impact are at the forefront of HCP’s innovation program.

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          Be inspired by HCP Trends

          To stay one step ahead of your competition, you need partners with a keen eye for trends and directional design. HCP’s trend analysis and prediction can pinpoint key looks and concepts for upcoming seasons, delivered through the very latest technology and manufacturing processes.

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